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    Hi ladies and gents,

    I've had some time to settle in into the community for a few hours. Knowing that other people have a different opinion here is quite normal, so I will give you my personal opinion about this zombie mod that had been set into the server itself. I will give you all the points that I find good and find bad here. Please don't harm me for giving my OWN point of view on things right now.

    The things that are good:

    1. Zombies that actually try to attack you

    Most zombie mods that have bots often cause bots to hide away from humans on longer distances. This mod actually lets them attack you and find alternative pathways to reach you even if you are right on top of them on a higher level. Though I believe it would be better if you let humans play as zombies and limit their lives depending on the round and the amount of real players in the server.

    2. The perks

    It is a great idea to make a CoD zombies inspired server based on the map Verrückt with just the regular perks, though Speed Cola would be a great addition to it. I still have some doubts about double tap but I think it would be overkill or it doesn't work because of the bots.

    3. Power-ups

    Having power-ups like in CoD Zombies is very well done. It is not easy to get this coding right and the duration of the drops is amazing. Though IMO it requires still a bit of work for perfection. It should display a timer for how long Double Points and Instakill last when acquired.

    A few bad things:

    1. Not enough wall weapon variety

    Though there are some wall weapons, it is only limited to an SMG, a pistol and a shotgun. To get things really going, there needs to be a bigger variety of wall weapons. That way players can choose which weapon they'll take for the duration of the game or benefit from it for as long they can kill with it.

    2. Only one map

    A great idea but there is a lack of maps for the server. cs_assault is a bit overrated IMO and I think some zm_ maps should be used for this kind of mod. There are so many maps that can be used and make sure the players have a lot of fun while killing zombies.

    3. No pack-a-Punch

    I don't think a PaP plugin exists yet in CS zombies, and I'm quite sure people are trying to work on it. It would be a great addition to all maps and zombie mods if people can get it working. This would be really good for zombies players as they can upgrade their guns without head-admins inserting a golden AK or golden Deagle which is a bit overrated. PaP works for all weapons and not just the AK and the Deagle.

    Those are all the points I wanted to mention here. CoD Zombies is a bit too complex for a simple game like CS 1.6 if you want to get al stuff working like it does in CoD Zombies. Zombie Plague, whether it is 4.3 or Advance 1.6.1 or ZP shade or even 5.0.8, works a lot better for this simple game rather then trying to get a CoD Zombies on CS 1.6. It is really amazing how far people went to get the most out of it without it continuously crashing or even using bots to fill it up to attract players. Though I'm not 100% convinced about this mod on this server, the HA did a pretty good job trying to imitate TreyArch Zombies. I just don't think CS 1.6 is strong enough in terms of programming to handle this kind of a mod to its full extent.

    Yours Faithfully
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    Hey, welcome to the community! I get so happy when people talk about this project in special.
    Thanks for spent your time to kinda write about this.

    That's a point I need to study a bit. When I started this project, I really focused in a team-play based purpose. I really didn't want it to be running a cs "stardard bots' at first, since I doubted they'd fit in atleast a minimum way on the zombies purpose.
    I kinda want it to support human vs humans in some aspect, but, till there, I'd go with writing my own bot AI to adapt bots in all gameplay aspect purpose.

    That's surely my favorite addition to this mod. It also have a lot of updates awaiting to be exported to server since I've been rewriting most of the sources to keep maintenance faster when finished. But, I'm not sure when I'm going to update it with the last additions. By the way, I'm sorry to say that you might have not fully seen it, because I've added Speed Cola already! (SPOILER ALERT *** it's close to the bridge, right over the left side of it)

    Power-Ups is currently on its 3rd public version, first one didn't even support multi-powerups at same time. lol
    I'm still not sure what to do with the timer itself, I may use a HUD element to simulate its time, but, I'll probably go with some message for now. But, yeah, that's gonna be added soon.

    That's one of the most complicated stuff on the current scenery. Basically, when I started this mod, I was modelling weapons with a different structure. But, right at the middle way, I've decided to change its structure to fit better on others technical subjects.
    So, there're some few weapons awaiting to be added on walls, but, I still need some time to (re) work on them.
    That's also the same reason behind I stopped working on the mistery box (which actually is currently working with a good variation of weapons compared to it's beggining lol)

    That's surely a boring thing. I like to think that the server is currently running a "public test version" for now, I've projected it to work with any map, but, it needs to be "pre-setted" to set the global positions for the all the game events. But, since I'm changing files structure often, I think it's better to find a good moment to set up new maps.
    There's also a good news about it. Some people are really motivated with help me on developing it for the sake of an old love for CoD Zombies .. so, if everything goes right, a lovely person is going to gift us a cs 1.6 version of the "Nacht der Untoten" map.

    Fortunately, I'm already adding support to this on all the weapons's based sources. I didn't start working on it exactly, but, I'm updating stuff to fit on it whenever I get to try it out.
    By the way, are you saying that you know any server with this purpose? I mean, near to CoD Zombies on all of its aspect? if you do know, please, lemme try it out, I may need some more motivation to get in as before.

    As a CS lover, and a regular programmer, I need to say that I really believe we can make it work, like, to get it into a really new perspective of gameplay. I think the main problem is my currently lack of time, I could work on it all my nights when I did start this project, but, sadly I can't do that as before, so, things got a bit abandoned.
    For this mod in special, I want it to be a public project, so, I may open the possibility to people connect their own projects into it in a near future. (I'd be in love if someone can code some new perks machines and gift to us)

    I'm really glad for your words, thanks. I may backup the default zm mod (zp) till I get time to complete the last additions.
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    thank you for your insight on this matter. I thoroughly believe that in time this mod would be as perfect as CoD Zombies and I think I might have some ideas on how to get it to work as good as CoD Zombies. However my knowledge of Pawn-scripts is very low and I need some extra knowledge on this matter from a person with some good experience with it.

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