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  1. matfaq

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    What' up everyone I'm new here...
    My name is Timur (Tim) i'm from Russia but I live in US for a long time, I'm 19 years old.
    I'm playing cs for about 9-10 years.I got invite from some members to this community couple of month ago.
    I moved here from lgk community. I've been there DR for a year i guess. Reason that i left that community cuz some people just hatin on me and i got banned and unbanned twice.
    This community looks pretty dope, hopefully all members r dope too =)
    Its ya boi matfaq aka i'll f**k ur bitch (c)
  2. Sarah.

    Sarah. Guest

    Welcome to International Revolution, enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome to I-R , have fun in our servers Tim :RpS_wink:
  4. Damon

    Damon Guest

    Welcome to International-Revolution.
  5. Sarah.

    Sarah. Guest

    Banned from forums for aimbot.
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