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    Noticed some people were buying admin / VIP through the donate section instead of the purchase VIP section, which just makes it a little bit more difficult for us to handle things properly, so I figured I could put up a short tutorial on how to do it properly. Here it goes.

    1. Click on the PURCHASE VIP section shown in the screenshot below


    2. Choose whatever upgrade you would like to buy by clicking on the "Pay with Paypal" button as shown in the screenshot below.


    3. Enter your paypal informations and proceed to payment (Won't put up a screenshot of this part)

    4. Wait till you get a reply from a captain to ask you for a password to set your admin/VIP up

    5. Once you got a reply that your admin/VIP has been added, copy paste the setinfo _pw "yourpassword" that you provided to the captain in your config.cfg file

    6. If anything goes wrong and you cannot enter the server after your admin/VIP being added, make sure you PM a captain so we can help you out with this issue.

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