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    How to Make an Admin Application

    Here is a little Step-by-Step guide to make an admin application that will most likely get you up to your trial!

    1. First you must report 3 cheating players using this guide:

    2. Once you manage to get 3 hacker reports (dirty ones), you can move up to next step and apply for admin here:

    Note that: If there is a giveaway ongoing, the hacker reports will be not required.

    3. After you submit your application, a Captain or higher will tell you if you are accepted as trial or not. If you are accepted, you will receive a message asking you a Password to use for your admin telling you everything you need in order to make it work.

    4. You will need to make a Demo Section for yourself in Admin Area:

    5. In this demo section you will have to post 10 hackers per post using this format:
    1.Name -
    Ban Link -
    Demo Link -

    Then you will be up to officially start your trial! Good luck to all future admins!
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